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Description :
Sharp Steel Tip Probe Body w/ 4 mm Banana (female) Jack.
Cable type :
Color :
Red, black, brown, gray.
Standard length :
Detail :

402-IECIV and 2310-IECIV look like 402-IEC and 2310-IEC (and these keep available) but they bear much higher electrical protection :<br><br>CAT IV or Measurement Category IV for 1000 V (instead of CAT III / 1000 V only for 402-IEC and 2310-IEC) : the most dangerous electrical environment described in IEC 61010-031 standard. This CAT IV environment where transient overvoltages are very high is experimented on all electrical power distribution areas like connections to overhead lines and usual domestic electricity meters too. <br><br>Pollution degree 3 (instead of pollution degree 2 only for 402-IEC and 2310-IEC) : the worst enemy of electrical protections described in IEC 61010-031 standard. This pollution degree corresponds to the presence of condensation onto the surface of the measurement accessory. And condensation reduces the electrical protection capability.<br><br>Amendment 1 : 2011 of IEC 61010-031 standard :compliance with this next amendment in 2011 of IEC 61010-031 is already in effect.<br><br>402-IECIV and 2310-IECIV protect electricians in CAT IV environments and up to 1000 V nominal voltage in spite of occurrence of condensation and won't be non-standard after year 2010. <br><br><br><a href=''http://www.electro-pjp.com/index.phpOhmid=109&langue=AN&id_produit=682''... to 2310-IECIV</a><br><br>

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