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Description :
Threaded earth rod w/ 4 mm Banana (female) Jack.
Cable type :
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Standard length :
Detail :

Dedicated to the heavy duty earth checkings. <br>Screw into the ground and connect your 4 mm banana plug. <br>As this earth rod screws into the ground the user gets a better electrical contact with the ground (the usual smooth earth rods may make a gap around the shaft), he doesn't need to carry a (heavy) hammer, and he can extract easily the rod if it's driven into a root. <br>The 4 mm banana jack connects to 4 mm banana plugs and offers a more reliable connection than an alligator clip (the user can still connect an alligator clip if he wants), it complies with most of the 4 mm banana plugs (shrouded or not) (stackable or not) on the market. <br>Thanks to the big wide handle, the user can extract the rod from the ground with his the two hands. <br>Thanks to its sharp hard tip, the rod can be driven into the hard grounds. <br>The design is strong and stainless thanks to the soldered steel parts with zinc coating, it's made for the heavy duty.<br>Weight : 0.62 kg = 1.42 lb. Dimensions : 420 mm x 163 mm x 30 mm = 16.54 in x 6.42 in x 1.18 in.<br><br><object width=''480'' height=''385''><param name=''movie'' value=''http://www.youtube.com/v/6s3W7_35_-o&hl=fr_FR&fs=1&rel=0&color1=0xe1600f... name=''allowFullScreen'' value=''true''></param><param name=''allowscriptaccess'' value=''always''></param><embed src=''http://www.youtube.com/v/6s3W7_35_-o&hl=fr_FR&fs=1&rel=0&color1=0xe1600f... type=''application/x-shockwave-flash'' allowscriptaccess=''always'' allowfullscreen=''true'' width=''480'' height=''385''></embed></object>

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