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Description :
Earth rod w/ 4 mm Banana (female) Jack.
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Standard length :
Detail :

Dedicated to the heavy duty earth checkings. <br>Drive into the ground and connect your 4 mm banana plug. <br>Thanks to the big strong steel head, the user can hammer the rod strongly and without missing it. <br>The 4 mm banana jack connects to 4 mm banana plugs and offers a more reliable connection than an alligator clip (the user can still connect an alligator clip if he wants), it's kept away from the head to hammer to avoid some accidental hits onto the connection, and it complies with most of the 4 mm banana plugs (shrouded or not) (stackable or not) on the market. <br>Thanks to the big wide handle, the user can extract the rod from the ground with his the two hands. <br>Thanks to its sharp hard tip, the rod can be driven into the hard grounds. <br>The design is strong and stainless thanks to the soldered steel parts with zinc coating, it's made for the heavy duty.<br>Weight : 0.57 kg = 1.31 lb. Dimensions : 420 mm x 163 mm x 30 mm = 16.54 in x 6.42 in x 1.18 in.<br>The Electro-PJP's hammer P / N Massette1250G (not included) complies with this earth rod.

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