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Tohm-e TE-BE30

Description :
Power socket tester , earth connection impedance tester. 30-ohm version.
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Standard length :
Detail :

USE. Low voltage electrical systems must comply with installation rules. Compliance must be guaranteed upon initial commissioning, and also after periodic inspections. In particular, the value of the earth connection must be inspected. Tohm-e can measure this value from a simple power socket. The device can also check if the socket is wired correctly (position of phase, neutral and earth).

  • SIMPLE : just connect Tohm-e to a powersocket.
  • INSTANTANEOUS : the display is immediate. No risk of battery failure as Tohm-e operates without batteries.
  • AUTOMATIC INTERPRETATION OF RESULT : blue screen showing that the earth value is OK (earth < 30 ohms) ; led screen showing that the earthvalue is not OK (earth > 30 ohms).
  • ADAPTS TO ALLREQUIREMENTS : the rotating head allows easy reading.


  • Measurement using the earth loop principle.
  • Device designed for single-phase 230 V AC TT electrical installations.
  • Earth connection measurement : 0.0 ohm to 2 kohms.
  • Voltage measurement : 50 V AC RMS to 440 V AC RMS.
  • Indication of the position of phase, neutral and earth.
  • Usage temperature : -20°C to +55°C.


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Tohm-e TE-BE30

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