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Description :
Kit. 1 Lead + 1 Fuse-Holder + 2 Probe Bodies. Zip pouch packaging.
Cable type :
Coiled PVC 1.00 mm² (AWG17).
Color :
Red, black.
Standard length :
Detail :

Kit. 1 Straight 4 mm Banana (male) Plug to Straight 4 mm Banana (male) Plug Lead (like P / N 2312-IEC-Spi) + 1 Fuse-Holder w/ 4 mm Banana (male) Plug and 4 mm Banana (female) Jack (5704 serie) + 2 0.6 mm (0.024'') diameter Needle Tip Probe Bodies w/ 4 mm Banana (female) Jack (P / N 464IECNeedle13/0,6). Designed in co-operation with professional users. This kit is designed to short-circuit safety and temporarly two powered contacts (operate switch, test alarm, etc ...). Fuse-holder and its replaceable (delivered) fuse allow to protect the devices in case of accident. Accessibility to target contacts increased thanks to thin and long tips. Various applications thanks to modular accessories. Low size lead thanks to coiled wire. Zip pouch packaging.

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