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Wheel-e 2ohms 50metres, W2-2oh50123 Series

Description :
Continuity Hybrid Reel-Tester with alarm LoZ voltmeter. 50-meter 2-ohm version.
Cable type :
PVC 1.00 mm²
Color :
Black and red. And green wire and accessories typically.
Standard length :
5000 cm
Detail :

With Wheel-e the operator tests the continuity and measures the resistance of protective conductors and equipotential bonding by keeping his hands free.
The product includes :

  • 1 hybrid reel-tester of continuity with alarm LoZ voltmeter.
  • 1 probe P / N 404-IEC.
  • 1 straight 4 mm banana plug to straight 4 mm banana plug lead with coiled wire P / N 2350-SpiPUR-31.
  • 1 crocodile clip P / N 5066-IEC.
  • 1 E-type mains AC power plug to grounded 4 mm banana socket adapter P / N AdaFMSectFR-T/F4.


  • Connect the wire of Wheel-e to equipotentiality reference,
  • Connect a probe to Wheel-e,
  • Touch protective conductors with the probe,
  • Beeps if the resistance is OK, < 2 ohms, doesn't beep if it is greater than 2 ohms (the value is displayed).


  • Self-reversing of the polarities (compliant with EN 61557-4).
  • Measuring range 0.00 ohm to 20.0 ohms (resolution 0.01 ohm).
  • Current 200 mA DC (compliant with EN 61557-4).
  • Voltage between 4 V and 6 V (compliant with EN 61557-4).
  • Provided with verification certificate.
  • Measurement accuracy of continuity resistances : ±0.07 ohm from 0.00 ohm to 9.99 ohms ; ±0.1 ohm from 10.0 ohms to 20.0 ohms. Operating uncertainty according to EN / IEC61557-4 of continuity resistances : ≤ 30 %.
  • Works on electrical installations energized or not.

SAFETY : 600 V~ CAT III. 300 V~ CAT IV. IP2X. Class 2. Voltage warning. Removable 0.5 A fuse. 1 mm2 PVC 2-jacket wire.
ALARME LOZ VOLTMETER. “Wheel-e” includes a voltmeter with two features :
1. Alarm. While measuring resistances, “Wheel-e” watches voltages. At any moment it can raise an alarm if any hazardous voltage occurs.
2. LoZ. “Wheel-e” includes a low impedance (“LoZ”) voltmeter. This helps the operator to understand the trouble. If an alarm is raised then “Wheel-e” displays the voltage. If the value is about 240 V while the operator works on a 240 V electrical installation then it could mean “Wheel-e” has found a phase, this is a “hard” voltage. But if the value is much lower, such as 70 V, then it could mean “Wheel-e” has found a “ghost” voltage. (Any usual voltmeter would indicate 240 V.) “Ghost” voltages come from the capacitive coupling between energized and non-energized wirings. They are hazardous too. Thanks to the alarm LoZ voltmeter the operator can understand if “Wheel-e” is facing a “hard” or “ghost” voltage and this helps to diagnose the trouble.

  • One single button for all the functions.
  • Blue / red backlight to test at first glance if OK or not.
  • Loud beep to test if OK or not without looking at the LCD.
  • Mute the beep not to disturb some areas (offices).
  • About 10000 checkings with the 4 AA batteries.
  • Calibrate yourself periodically.
  • Hanging banana plug, the wire can't unreel unintentionally.
  • Replace yourself the wire if worn just by unscrewing the flange.
  • Compensate at 0 ohm for the resistances of the accessories.
  • 50-meter long wire to operate far from the equipotentiality reference.
  • Wear it at the waist to free your hands and take care of your neck and back.
  • ''AUX'' socket to test unplugged appliances while keeping connected to the reference.
  • Wheel-e is made in France and adds to the Electro-PJP's range of safety accessories like telescopic poles, probes, leads, clips, socket adaptors, etc. to test equipotential bonding on sockets, lights, metal frames, heaters, plugged and unplugged appliances, etc. (The Wheel-e design and patent are registered.)

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Wheel-e 2ohms 50metres, W2-2oh50123 Series

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